1866  - 1934

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As an author, publisher and journalist I travelled widely, kept a diary, wrote to and met lots of interesting people:

Lord John Montagau

William Dean Howells                   

George Morrow

Bertram Fletcher Robinson                R C Lehmann

Lady Laura Troubridge

Vaughan Williams                      

Wilber Wright                             

George Cadbury                         

Henry James

Ford Maddox Ford

Edmund Clerihew Bentley


to name but a few - More at People & Places


“Archibald Marshall” - (1866 - 1934)

Arthur Hammond Marshall

I wrote 40+ books and the odd limerick! and was appreciated in both America and England.

This project promotes his legacy and offers general information, supported by Archibald's Family, his grandson, his great grandson and his great great grandson.

If you have information or questions please contact us: info@archibaldmarshall.co.uk.

There was a young man of Devizes,

Whose ears were of different sizes,

    The one that was small,

    Was no use at all,

But the other won several prizes!

(Penguin book of limericks)