1866  - 1934


Abington Abbey                                                                  

The Allbright Family

Angel Face & Other Stories                                               

Anthony Dare         ( review in Time 1924 - click to read.

Anthony Dare's Progress                                                   

Audacious Ann                                                                   

Big Peter                                                                              

The Birdikin Family                                                             

Boswell's Johnson                                                               

The Claimants                                                                    

The Clinton Twins and Other Stories

The Clintons and Others                                                     

The Dragon

The Education of Anthony Dare

The Eldest Son

Exton Manor

Fool in the Family (The)

The Graftons

The Greatest of These

Hall and the Grange

The Honour of the Clintons

The House of Merrilees

Jimmy the New Boy

Joan and Nancy


The Lady of the Manor

Lord Montagu of Beaulieu

Lord Stirling's Son

Many Junes

Miss Welby at Steen

Mote House Mystery - Collaboration with HA Vachell    

Mr Allen                     - Collaboration with HA Vachell

Mrs Jim

The Mystery of Redmarsh Farm

Nothing Hid

The Old Order Changeth

Out and About

Peter Binney, Undergraduate


Rank and Riches

Richard Baldock

Roding Rectory

Simple People

Simple Stories

Simple Stories from Punch

Sir Harry

A Spring Walk in Provence

The Squire's Daughter

Sunny Australia

Terrors and Other Stories

That Island

Two Families



William Speaking

Young Peggy in Toyland

His published works -.

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Books about Archibald Marshall:

Archibald Marshall -  a Realistic Novelist

Professor William Lyon Phelps - 1918